Saturday, 19 October 2013

Happy Weekend!

First of all, gosh i love the pic above… it suits the beach-mood I’m feeling. This past week has been like a roller coaster, believe me it has. A few days of a productive days baking & delivering the goodness to my beloved customers & friends and followed by a few days of downtime. Today is Saturday and it’s officially a weekend to most people. To me, a home baker, weekend or weekday is actually the same cuz everyday is weekend to me ;)
I’m trying to keep my spirit high actually cuz the past two days was not so happy-days for me. Then last night I got a text message from my sis-in law telling me that her friend wanted to order an Oreo cheese cake to be delivered to her husband on Monday. Hmmm…my motivation meter started to raise a bit :) Then this morning, I logged on to my Facebook and my ex-colleague sent  me a message to order a cake for my ex-boss whom are certainly not a sweet tooth. So I figured out I’ll bake a fresh fruit flan cake with a cherry top. And with that to start my day….I realised how I could turn any bad day to a good day. I just gotta bake!! Period. I really gotta ingrain this in my mind the next time I start to feel all grumpy & moody.
Then, I started to browse through the net to get some inspiration for my next bake off. Here are the pics that really captured my eyes. Credit to those who actually baked this and took great pics!
Okay, I’m gonna go and get ready to buy those ingredients for the cakes I’m baking tomorrow. Till then, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!

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