Friday, 24 May 2013


I did something today...

I finally find the "mood" to do something today and i.e. to update my Facebook page with useful update. It seems as if it took years for me to do it.

Its raining outside and it seems like a perfect weather for me to restart my blog. This past few days my sis and me made cookies to kick start our business venture in the name of survival. My sis made a Honey Cornflakes with almond nibs and I made Crunchy Choc Cornflakes of which I will share the pics & recipe in my next blog. Today is just about....writing.

I haven't really been as productive as I should be since our bakery & cafe was closed last March 2013. I'm trying to find a decent job which commensurate with my qualification and experience but guess what... After applying for almost 20 jobs via Jobstreet..I was turned down by all of'em. I didn't nail any job interview. It sucks!! I felt so down..i felt worthless and almost hopeless. But and again, deep down in my heart... I guess I didn't really wanna go back to the mundane 9 to 5 kinda job.

Today, i wanna make a promise to myself that I will do something worthy everyday so that everyday I would accomplish something with the hope that I could make it up to all my past failures and mistakes. And I will write it down in my special notebook of those small daily accomplishment as a reminder of my journey towards financial freedom, success and ultimate happiness in life.