Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Living: Irfan Khairi - worthy to know

I can't believe I actually read these magazine (mag) IK (Inspirasi Kejayaan) by this guy - Irfan Khairi. I make a point to finish reading all 9 issues of the mag in a day! All this while I'm a bit skeptical bout Malaysian motivator/ writer but my sis is the reason I'm reading it. Juz wanna see whether it make sense...well I can say, not bad. I did get some good insights and gave me ideas.

After the closure of my one & only Lil' Haven Bakery & Cafe at Centrio, I was literally devastated. I see it coming but I wasn't ready or rather prepared for it. I've lost my direction all of sudden. But when I stumbled upon the quotes by the late Steve Jobs "Sometimes life hits you hard in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith" (ref. IK vol.I)... I started to really have faith in my dreams and destiny, no matter where it takes me. Life is after all to be lived and live happily.

Friday, 22 March 2013

In memory...

13.3.13 marked the end of my one & only Lil' Haven Bakery & Cafe at Centrio, Pantai Hillpark. It took 4 months for us to establish the bakery & cafe to its physical existence but u know what... it took less than a week for it to vanish. No regrets...only sadness.