Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cakes Creation

My Creations

Over the past few months, I've been baking, decorating and delivering my cakes creation for Lil' haven.
Some of it I may say that I'm proud of myself that I stepped up to the challenge of being a better baker than I was before. But still...i have loads to learn and improve. I wanna do so much more, gosh believe me I do and I MUST.

These are some of my creations for my beloved customers & friends..

Well, these are just some of it.. Through these experience I met few new customers who knew bout my cakes through words of mouth from their friends & family. I'm so glad that they liked & loved the cakes...not so much on the deco yet but on the taste and it gives me great pleasure knowing that my cakes that I baked myself actually taste good ;) It means so much to me as a self-thought baker. For Goodness sake, I was an auditor by profession back then and now here I am...a baker! A very close friend once passed a remarks bout my new profession..."you got a Bach in Accounting and at the end you end up in the kitchen!" It was a harsh remarks in my opinion but the thing is this is my passion...baking, decorating the cakes, making people happy with my creation and making new friends....this is my passion. The only thing now is i have to get my passion to a higher level and that is to reopen my bakery & cafe and makes it one of the famous one in KL, God willing...

As for now, I just have to brace myself through the challenge I have to face, buck up, upgrade my knowledge & skills, make more friends & customers and live life.

Wish me luck!

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